Press Freedom in Turkey: The Muzzled Cries of Journalism

On the 31st of October 2013, during the Gezi Park Protests, the police cracked down on the protesters in Taksim Square with water canons and tear gas grenades. I turned on my television to watch the news after such an eventful day and was dumbfounded to see a documentary about penguins in major news networks like CNN Turk. From then on, I unfortunately started to follow the news about my country via the foreign media and Twitter.

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Living and finding Menton

Watching clouds pass by in Parc du Pian, letting the waves tickle your feet at the beach, feeling the breeze in the narrow streets of the Vieille Ville –  there are at least two hundred personal Mentons.

Driven by a zeal for travelling, Sadia and Evina gifted us this imagery of their Perle de la France –  and almost won the travel scholarship of Worldnomads. Their efforts will be rewarded; Let’s live and travel a bit more in Menton!


Grève des pilotes d’Air France : bring back our profs!

Dans les deux semaines qui viennent de s’écouler, chacun des 2A mentonnais savait bien qu’un email envoyé par le désormais bien connu “planning scolarité” signifiait une annulation de cours dans les jours à venir. Au commencement, que de joie ! Heureux comme des ados après leur premier coït, les 2A se jetaient à corps perdu sur des distractions viles et pécheresses ; faisaient du Rétro, de l’Endroit ou des Sablettes leur second foyer ; se plongeaient dans des quantités de bière, gin-tonic et autre absinthe.

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