Commentary: How weighing the dead is a dead-end – A Showcase of Arab Hypocrisy

Since the latest outbreak of Palestinian-Israeli violence twelve days ago, it was startling to witness the one-sided support and commentary, both online and in the streets of various Western cities, that de facto serve as proxy sites for the seemingly intractable conflict. The growing anti-Semitic sentiment that was laid bare in the course of this debate is shocking. Furthermore, the absence of a so far greater number of Israeli victims, compared to the dead on the Palestinian side, increasingly seems to serve as a simple justification in deciding on who plays the good and the evil part in this conflict. 

By Tina Bellon

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On the streets of Amman I met ObAider

It seems that many Jordanians are Palestinians.
Half of all the Jordanians I met have personal roots to Palestine. My Arabic teacher-herself a Jordanian, proudly introduced herself “Ana min al-Quds”. Although it was what she added to me right after that struck me most: “When you are in al-Quds, please bring me back a bit of its soil”.

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