A Poem About the Weather

Credit: Sarah Stonehocker

Evgenia Valais


Today Autumn came.
In the morning, more fiery than ever.
Soft orange hues embalmed everything in a haze
So that it became lost
In the intoxication
The gradation
The holiness
Of fall.
The sun stretched out his tired arms
And yawned onto the ocean
Setting it on fire.
The palm trees never looked so stationary.
Awe struck by how fast change came.
How quickly
It wiped out summer
And turned the browning leaf.
How suddenly
It quieted the homes,
Lulling them into a deep sleep.

It is warning us.
Be ready
For the never ending.
For crystallized nights
That freeze thoughts into blocks of ice.

But for now,
Fall into it
Let yourself go insane
Because you will need to wait for eternity
To feel what fall brings again.

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