An Ode to MDL

Photo from Ryan Zohar



The school year came,
And so did I
Upon seeing that wonderful location, view, and sky.

Yet little did I know, it would turn soon to shit,
As grit accumulated, bit by bit.

Biological experiments in your kitchen would grow,
and utensils askew in your bowels we’d throw.
Putrid smells in the air we’d create,
Indigenous, to our knowledge, to any gaseous state.
When your faulty alarms would usher us through
The freezing winter mornings, standing aloof.

And that ogre in your bowels, rumbling away
Jasmine was her name, though for us it was Bane.

With torment, sass, and smoke combined,
She descended upon I, like Muhammad from the sky,
And lay to pieces my desire to stay by.

Yet memories remained, and musings persist,
And despite your plague, or Denizalp’s cyst,
I’ll continue on loving you for your convenience and times,
When with my friends I could unite, and squeeze nightly limes.

Home to banter, intrusions, and cries,
You’ll remain in our hearts ‘till the end of times.
Generations past and forward will treat you the same,
But for us you’ll remain, like one large stain.

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