An Ode to Platonic Love

By Yusef Bushara.

The untaught harmony of falling into friendship

is the most honest romance 

When true, it chooses not to deceive,

For what’s the point of leading the heart astray 

It supersedes the impermanence of sexual love,

with limitless intimacy. 

Finding eternity in its companions 

is remarkably the only course it sets.

Sometimes, it wallows in the lukewarm poverty of intentions,

to be starkly reminded that intentions alone have never satisfied. 

The criteria for true platonic love 

is invariably defined by its constant pouring of itself into you, by itself 

It is solitude’s wildest dream,

and mine too,

whose imperceptibility intimidates the onlooker.

Its fibres stretch between two, through many

Such an infatuation as its outlines

the most beautiful half-crescent stamp

placed squarely between

the cliff ’s edge and mountain’s summit atop every face.

The sensation it arouses is

the most pleasurable delight found on this side of heaven,

found on this side of death.

But just like divinity, its truth tip-toes delicately above. 

Those who have walked to its cadence  

and sung to its melody

know well the fact that its song

never once goes out of tune.

So, rejoice !

while its lyrics intoxicate every dancing blood cell,

while your heart perpetually plays copy-cat with its rhythm,

and with the adornment of that half-crescent stamp upon your face.

May platonic love 

remedy a world ailing, 

hearts misaligned,

and curious voids awaiting the best type of friendship.

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