Video Debate: Feminism – A No Man’s Land?

What is men's role in the feminist debate? Photo courtesy of LSE SU Feminist Society

Our new video debate format kicks off with Malvika Jaganmohan and Tina Bellon arguing over the role of men in the feminist movement.

Join the debate and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

What role men should play in the feminist movement?

Filming and video editing done by the talented Sara Furxhi.

Malvika Jaganmohan:

Tina Bellon:

This video debate format aims at becoming an integral part of LeZadig and lives from your contributions – we want to present the rich diversity of opinions on our campus with regard to various topics.

You want to be a part of our new debate format? Send us a message with your ideas!

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Tina Bellon

Tina Bellon

Chocolate and Indian food-addicted, Tina enjoys controversial discussions as much as a hike up into the mountains. She started her degree at Sciences Po after having walked down a few unusual trails across the globe and is now trying to bring LeZadig into the world by optimizing its Search Engine performance.
Tina Bellon

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