Giving Thanks

By Jeremy Zimmerman

Life at Sciences Po can seem at total odds at times. Life at Sciences Po during November can seem like hell. At times it feels like this balancing act will crumble and with it your hopes, your dreams, your career as mid-level bureaucrat. But nobody said it was going to be easy. Nonetheless it is certainly possible and all will certainly pass.
The most important thing to a balanced life is to stay positive and remember all the great things in life. An old American tradition is to celebrate the harvest and the end of autumn by giving thanks to all the abundance and wonders of the world. Maybe you’ve heard of it, Thanksgiving, or it’s commercialized younger brother Black Friday. Either way it’s always important to take the time to remember, throughout all the downtrodden days of school, all the things that make life simply miraculous.

First of all, you live in Paradise. Never forget and be blessed for your spot on the Côte d’Azur at this lemon-scented perle de la France. Let the sunshine lift your smile and if it rains let the winds carry you away. Enjoy the weather, the nature, and the sea; let them guide you.

The most important thing to a balanced life is to stay positive and remember all the great things in life.

Second of all, you have Ventimiglia. A wonderful place where food is cheap and the language is rich. Even if the trains may not run, (or even if they explode from time to time), it’s always an adventure and something that is unique to our situation. Enjoy Italy and all her graces.

Third of all, you are smart. Now I know what you’re saying: “no trust me: I’ve just been making everything up as I go”. But, truly you are smart and you are blessed with your cleverness and your ability to understand so much. While hubris can lead to problems there’s nothing wrong with accepting your abilities.

Fourth of all, you have such wonderful experiences. Every single of one you has a unique story and a personal past that brought you here to Menton. Never forget your past and cherish in your unique experiences.

Fifth of all, you have your future ahead of you. You’re still in college, and as such you still have a whole life in front of you so truly, there’s very little to worry about, if you make a mistake, so what? You are young, you are human.

Most importantly of all, you are loved.You have an amazing Ummah here at Sciences Po and never forget that the community at Sciences Po Menton is unique and unlike that of most other institutions. It’s something that should never be forgotten.

Never forget about all the wonderful things in life. Yes balancing everything can be hard, but if you approach life with the right attitude and have a decent work ethic there’s nothing you cannot accomplish. But always remember the important things to a balanced life, and the things that truly matter.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. – Dolly Parton


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