Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye

by Omar Auf

With each hello comes a goodbye,

With each farewell, sorrow or relief,

Sometimes what follows is a grateful sigh,

And other times it is profound grief,

One may reap and one may sow,

One may give and one may take,

Each is carried by their own river’s flow,

And each hates by circumstance and loves for love’s sake,

Yet whether one despises or adores,

There is always a meeting and departure,

Even if one barricades all the doors,

Friend or enemy, all the same, an unrelenting marcher,

To come and to go, one has no choice,

To ride high and low, a reality of living,

But in how to live, one has a voice,

And to oneself, a purpose, one must be giving,

The hello and goodbye, one cannot control,

The strikes of fortune remain all but unforeseen,

Yet life is so much more than pole to pole,

And to choose is to honor the in-between.

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