Home is Within You

Dinner for Three (by kurtwolf303, Flickr)

By Omar Auf

Home is where butterflies sing,

Home is where heartbeats ring,

Home is where limelights zing,

Home is where love is king,

Home is where wandering shadows greet,

Home is where caring eyes meet,

Home is where there’s always a seat,

For a pair of traveling feet,

Home is where friends and family convene,

To recreate a movie scene,

Where, on each other, humans lean,

And say what they really mean,

Home is where lost souls find…

Where tough turns to kind,

And where heart meets mind;

No one is left behind,

Home is not a single place,

Or person, gender, or race,

Home is simply a smiling face,

That one does not have to chase,

Home is merely a warming thought,

That when one’s goals have been sought,

And fought the fight that must be fought,

There’s always a place that cannot be bought,

Waiting to welcome you back . . .

Till then,

Home is a lovely thing,

Home is a sheltering wing,

Home is a sandbox and swing,

Home is love that others bring

Within you.

Home is our fondest memories spent in places that have borne the marks of our souls.

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