La femme française

Par Nolwenn Ménard, Mathilde de Solages et Lounis Jahidi

the french woman is an intellectual. she read Baudelaire, Flaubert, Voltaire, sitting at her Parisian coffee table.

the french woman is elegant. she does not know vulgarity, and that constitutes her beauty. 

the french woman is opinionated. but she knows when to sit quietly, and when to scream overtly.

the french woman smokes while she reads. simone(s) is her hero. one puff of death, two pages read.

but the french woman is also Vanessa, sun-burned cagole provençale, she is also Marie-Thérèse, fermière bretonne flipping galettes, she is also Fatima, playing soccer in the 9-3.

the french woman smokes and dances, she makes love, she loves. she fucks, she kisses. she gets high and drinks too much rosé she walks like a boss, speaks up and shouts she fought for her rights now works until she drops she has the courage to stay home and cook bœuf bourguignon and care for her children

la femme française fait bander le monde brune, rousse ou blonde elle est à la fois belle et bonne, maman et PDG ça lui arrive d’être conne en schlag ou en classe, toujours à l’aise au fond elle est juste femme. femme française.

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