Life Has no Rhyme Scheme

By Omar Auf

A lifetime of exploration passed,
A wealth of inspiration amassed,

For forever, nothing can possibly last,
The journey of life passes oh so fast,

Except the notions of love,
Unwavering in their existence,

With a kick and a shove,
expressing the utmost persistence,

Telling us to look above,
Regard beauty for an instance,

Travel the entire distance,
Through the oceans of a dream,

Yet reality is evidently merely a stream,
And existence a moment not so long,

Fading into the depths of oblivion,
Like the words of a forgotten song,

But do not fear,
We all come and go, dear;

Life and death are to each other, so near,
So for us the outcome is crystal clear,

Disappearing are our bodies, in the ground,
Yet our actions are, to other people, bound,

Our laughter leaves a residual sound,
And our tears are, in the sea, found,

The kindness we helped spread remains,
The memory of our smile outlasts their pains,

Never forgotten in their minds and hearts,
Even if our departure broke them into parts,

What is it that makes us stay even when we go?
Is it a word, gesture, act, or heart to sow?

What if we don’t accomplish all that we aspire to?
There will always be, before leaving, one more thing to do,

So should we give up at the sight of an undefeated challenger,
Or rigorously train and mark the date on a calendar?

It seems so pointless to roll down and surrender,
Like a gift card of time, in the hands of an impulsive spender,

The road is tiring and deceiving, indeed that is a fact,
But harder is, on the soul, an injustice left intact,

So how will you end your days?
Will it be in a defeated haze?

Or will you wait, without waiting, till the smoke clears,
And fight back, summoning a hail of deafening cheers,

Now all the crowd is on your side,
And what a ride it is, what a ride,

In a moment, you had to rise or you had to hide,
And you chose to rise, you chose to fly,

So to yourself, do not lie,
And know that one day you will die,

Yet after that, for ten more lifetimes, you may find yourself alive,
Depending on how kind you are, how far you strive.

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