(English) We Need to Learn How Not to Know

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Krystof Selucky

If you're looking for Krystof, just seek a tall, blond, smiling and friendly Czech guy who defines himself by simply saying "I like debating, I like challenging other people's opinions even if I am not sure about mine." He suggests so many fascinating articles and conversations with him reveal that he is someone open-minded and inspiring. But don't try to flirt with him because he is already in love with his beloved city: Prague. Her modernity, enhanced by her history, have rendered him awestricken. So much so that even after he had just arrived in Menton, he's already thinking about getting back to beautiful and enchanting city that is Prague. But Krystof is also a wild guy whose dream is to travel across New Zealand by foot: From the place where The Hobbit was filmed to the place where Mordor was set.
Krystof Selucky

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