Why November Blues aren’t a November problem

-Par Katya Sharma

You land in Nice after a wonderful fall break, the rain is thundering down, you run to the closest train station, and watch your one mode of transportation to Menton leave in front of your eyes. Then you walk down the street, lugging your baggage behind you, accepting the downpour and the potential homeless experience for a night.

While everyone may not know this feeling, the sheer dread of returning to our little bubble has been mentioned repeatedly. Some say its the rain, others say it’s how liberating fall break was, some list deadlines for hours on end.

However, I have a proposal: count how many days you have left in Menton. Exclude summer break, and christmas break, and spring break, and just contemplate how small that number actually is. Including exams, starting in December, there are 128 days of Menton left. 128 days more of living 15 minutes away from Monte-Carlo, or close to the beach, or drinking cheap rosé or eating pain au chocolats and pesto pasta as 80% of your diet. After this, we will all leave, either getting lost in the snow of British Columbia, or lost in the crowds of NYC, or just lost trying to figure out what a 3A is actually meant to be.

You may never learn what a parcours civique truly is. Or what the real importance of federal states having their own constitution is. Or what economics really is. But you can learn from some about living on a fjord in Norway, or dancing ballet in Manhattan, or growing up a blonde girl in Hong Kong. You can learn about how wild conservative Delhi actually is, or what it truly means to be Catalonian. So take a break, look around, have a conversation about something that is not a deadline.

It is inherently difficult to have a collegesque experience on a campus the size of a high school. It is inherently difficult to try to experience the rich culture that surrounds us with Saturday morning lectures and Friday night classes. It is not our fault that we feel trapped. Regardless, we have a choice, everytime we choose to spend one moment longer consumed with stress insteading of discovering someone new. It is our choice to not get drunk with new people every weekend, playing ridiculous drinking games, and cementing a hilarious memory for yourself or for someone else.

We choose to settle and accept the status quo. We make November a time of stress and loneliness. Rain is really just a free shower and deadlines are just a social construct. So take your time and do your work and try not to fail but also please watch a movie with friends or ask that cute boy, or go get trashed during Never Have I Ever with some people you’ve never talked to before or have some casual sex (#bringbackcasualsex) or just find a way to have a good time because we’re literally growing older by the minute and the French Riviera will be gone faster than it came.


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