Our Biggest Enemy

As I march into the cold,
As I venture into the unknown,
Nobody can be so bold,
So as to make this voyage alone,
To a place where nothing is bought or sold
To a place where true colors are shown,
I depart with nothing to hold,
Yet no reason to moan.

I set sail to a place that doesn’t exist,
A place entirely in the mind,
Yet I must tirelessly persist,
To seek what I shall find,
Once the arena is clear of fog and mist,
Then it’s too late to look behind,
One must insist,
To move forward no matter how unkind.

The opponent, he may seem,
Like a monster from a bad dream,
A one-man team,
Yet in reality,
There is no brutality,
In this opponent’s totality,

There is only fear of going near,
And shedding a tear from the sheer
Truth in the sight of seeing oneself fight
A mirror that just might lose all its light,
And break at the very touch of the one it reflects,
At the moment where courage and fear intersect.

It was all an illusion,
One big fusion,
Of ideas and dreams and doubt,
A fear that was born with a shout,
Of the coward inside one’s self-imposed limitations,
An opposer of all the manifestations
Of grand mental revolution,
And graceful spiritual evolution.


So yes, my son, I have been to the sun and back,
I have found out the mystery of the thing we lack
To make glorious change in ourselves and others,
It is the thing most commonly found in mothers:

Noble courage;

A truthfulness within,
Capable of facing one’s eternal kin,
The false notion that one cannot,
When in fact one can do everything but rot
In the eternal burn of having a chance,
But failing to help the world enhance.

You can, yes you can, my dear boy,
Just set your mind to it and you will find joy –
Win, lose, or tie,
What is important is that you try.

by Omar Auf

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