Parlez moi de Grèce…

Contribution spéciale des étudiants des projets de Babel Initiative

Juliette & Lara, l’Age d’Or et l’Identité Nationale

Gambader là, tout en haut, près de l’Acropole
Rêver et s’imaginer les scènes d’antan
Etudier un hier et croire à un présent
Car là où nous allons, les ruines sont sans âge
Et pourtant, nous irons bien sur les rivages

Louisa, Elisabeth & Flora, Right-Wing Radicalism

“I forbid the Press to underestimate the Greeks, to defame them… The Führer admires the bravery of Greeks”, said Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany, Joseph Goebbels in his diary on April 9th 1941.
We are wondering?! Have the Greeks always been underestimated? What are the real origins of xenophobia in Greece?

Taoufik & Daniel, In Search for Sovereignty

Whatever your thoughts and opinions on the role of Greece in the Euro crisis and the situation there today, one thing you could not accuse the Greek people of is relenting easily.

In the face of mounting hardship and cities which no longer hold any promise for them, the Greek people have been making an inspiring effort to find alternatives and bend their unfortunate circumstances to the force of their will.
Some former urbanites have chosen to take up the long-held Greek pastoral tradition, learning how to draw a living from lands that have sometimes been passed down through their families for generations. Others have chosen to take advantage of cheap and readily-available technology to create business which harness the forces of globalization and allow them to compete in more promising markets far from the Aegean shores.

The connection between these two disparate paths is that they both seek to turn a period of hardship and loss into rebirth by building new ways of life. That shows admirable spirit, and we’re looking forward to meeting the individual people behind it.

Khalid & Rindala, Street Art as a Social Diary

Load me into your cylinder and fire so that I may discover your barrel walls smeared in paint. Let me ricochet through tear gas and spray your murals marked by pentagrams and pain.

Lead my feet along chalk outlines in concrete.

But tell me what dwells in your memory, what keeps you crisis constrained squatting in chains? Undress your secrets before me my dear Athens, I long to read the poetry etched on your walls.

Alexandre, Valentin & Marwan, Le Retour de L’hellenisme en Grece

Avez-vous déjà vu des étudiants qui se rendent dans un pays où … la dette publique dépasse les 125 % du produit intérieur brut, le déficit public 14 % de ce dernier, le taux de « croissance » est de – 7 %, où le taux de chômage global atteint 27 % de la population et plus d’un jeune sur deux et où les perspectives économiques futures sont alarmantes… pour étudier la résurgence contemporaine de la religion grecque antique et les cultes voués à Apollon, Dionysos, Athéna, Aphrodite et autre Artémis ?

Maintenant, OUI.

Paulius & Dominikas, Political Symbolism

Athens is the new Bratislava (#Eurotrip) and Top 1 European destination this season – mainly to participate in a riot, witness public suicide or get beaten by the hardcore nationalists. `

The Double Trouble™ is ready to land their forces, meet politicians as well as hobos, confront leftists as well as rightists and spindoctor Greece’s tactical gambit.

Meanwhile in the free-time… Well, that’s not for the record.

Lulu & Thierry, Staging the crisis – A tragedy

Theatre Started there, Theatre continues there.
Greece is the birthplace of staging anything and now it stages the crisis it’s facing. Athens, where layers upon layers of Art and culture cluster into tiny underground meeting places and
grand majestic arenas, is the perfect place to see how young artists respond to the financial crisis that invaded their creativity.

Thierry and I (Lulu) will meet young directors in Athens. We will learn from them how their theatrical
activity was affected by the turbulences in their country? What new themes have
they explored, if any? And how long can Lulu sit watching a 4 hours Greek
tragedy?? This is the true question!

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