Podcast Episode 2: Resolutions

A new year is approaching, and Le Zadig is thinking about the idea of “resolution”; not only as a noun, but as an adjective. Commitment. Strength. Resolve. How do these ideas apply to our daily lives, our everyday problems, and within the grander scheme of the world around us? In this podcast, host Sebastian Torero speaks with Sciences Po student Benjamin Music on his article about the role of young people hoping for a more tolerant world in response to rising populism, and with Maximo Torero, and Executive Director act the World Bank, about resolve in the face of dire circumstances. Also, fellow Le Zadig member Anna Stonehocker talks with Sciences Po students about their resolutions for the New Year, and moments in their live where they’ve overcome adversity.

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Sebastian Torero

Say the name “Sebastian” at Sciences Po and people will nod in respect. A multilingual, multicultural athlete, guitarist, and natural writer, Seb navigates from discipline to discipline with the same facility that his favorite team the Chicago Bulls breaks ankles. As he walks down Rue Longue, he can never get a break—loved by his fellow students for his humility and charm. Not to mention fashion, his Inca necklace draws compliments from all. When you hear laughter erupt from a nearby classroom, you can be sure it was caused by Sebastian’s impeccably placed wit. As things get more serious, his Peruvian-American background is a true asset, as he actively gets involved in issues bridging the continents. Sebastian will be out of the office on the week of October 24th, reporting on the Chicago Cubs at the World Series—“Insha’allah!”.
Sebastian Torero

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