Mapping Our Diversity: Hometowns of Menton’s Sciences Pistes

Photo via MEDMUN

While Menton has now become home for all of us, students from Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton come from all over the world. From Athens to Oak Park, Sciences Po students have mapped their roots on this interactive map, spanning four continents. A visual representation of our diversity, the map separates Exchange (blue), English Track (red), and French Track (green) students with colored pins.

We may have different backgrounds, cultures, and roots, but we were drawn together by our common interests in the social sciences and the Middle East – Mediterranean region.

Feel free to zoom in on the map and explore our various backgrounds!

If any current Sciences Po, Campus de Menton students wish to have their hometown pinned on the map, please contact Ryan Zohar.

Ryan Zohar

Ryan Zohar

Ryan Zohar is the human version of an antique kaleidoscope: a complex collage of ever-changing facets, an old soul, and to be handled with caution. His intellect is truly dizzying; one talk with Ryan, and you may question everything you believe and whether or not you’re being diligent enough in your studies. Aside from Le Zadig, Ryan is also the head of the MEDMUN crisis staff and a member of the YAUMENA organization, essentially making him the king of acronyms. He is truly a sweetheart of a man, and while he presents a hard exterior, he has the heart of an adorable teddy bear. Like all Americans in the south of France, Ryan’s here to catch a little sun, find a little love, and maybe learn a thing or two. As one of the editors-in-chief of Le Zadig, if you have any complaints, please refer them to him.
Ryan Zohar

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