The Star of David in the 21st Century

Nobody hates Jews anymore. Some people hate the Jewish state Israel though. And many hate greedy, blood sucking bankers, often of Jewish decency. And, of course, the American Jewish Lobby is hated for its fervent Israel support. Oh, are there any Jews left that are not hated?

By Petros Konstatinidis
This new wave of anti-Semitism is raging all over the world – from the Americas to Gaza. But to understand this phenomenon, we need to go, ironically, to the hide out place of many old Nazi criminals: Buenos Aires.

Some days ago, Argentina called a default on her debt, which means that the Argentinian state is bankrupt. The particularity of Argentina’s default, however, is the fact that the country’s debt is lower than that of other countries which do not face economic problems. But what happened there? Argentina firstly agreed with her creditors on a 50% debt reduction – a “haircut” – but the case was not the same with some U.S hedge funds – also called “vulture” funds as they eat dead bodies i.e buy numerous bonds of economically weak countries with a very high interest rate. The conflict between the Argentinian administration and the hedge funds took a legal course and, according to U.S Supreme Court judge Griesa’s call, Argentina has to fully pay (without any “haircut”) the hedge funds before it pays off its debt to its other creditors. This means that Argentina cannot do anything before she pays off her debt to the hedge funds, which is impossible at the moment.

Also in Germany overt antisemitism and protests against the state Israel have formed a dangerous mix. Beny Shlevich,

Overt Antisemitism on the rise everywhere?  Beny Shlevich,

What does Judaism have to do with that? Well, the owner of Elliott Management Corporation, the hedge fund that Argentina owes most money to, is Paul Singer, a U.S citizen of Jewish decent.
Moreover, the 2008 economic crisis occurred after the bankruptcy of the investment company Lehman Brothers, founded by two Germans of Jewish origin back in the 19th century. The Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy came only some days after Goldman Sachs, another financial services corporation founded by Jewish people, stopped investing in Wall Street. The financial crisis hit the U.S but the most hurt economies are the European ones: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain. To these, we can add France, where the economic situation is worsened every day.

Partly due to the economic crisis and partly due to other reasons such as immigration, European countries hit by the crisis have witnessed a rise of far right-wing parties. These parties’ agendas often target Jews in their ideological propaganda – even though their supporters probably do not even know why. Such phenomena have been observed especially in Greece and France, were Golden Dawn and Front National have evolved into important political actors. In both these countries, anti-Semitic propaganda is part of the everyday political dialogue, something that we can easily realize from the often use of the “quenelle” in France (remember Dieudonné incident and many others).

So, what do we have here? We have a series of events that help uneducated minds create and promote racism and antisemitism all around the world. But what goes often unnoticed is the more subtle antisemitism of the educated minds. That’s what we need to watch out for.

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