This Week in the World

By Olivia Wolpe

At this past weekend Mediterranean Model United Nations Conference (MEDMUN), hosted by SciencesPo Menton’s MUN chapter, Le Zadig asked for events that are happening, this week in the world, ranging from culture to sports to politics.

Austria: Snowbombing Music Frestival kicks off this week.

Belgium: A recent survey pointed out that 7 our of 10 people in Brussels opt for Brussels’ independence in a case of a Belgium split-up. However, the survey also showed that only 1 out of 3 people think that the split will take place.

Bosnia: Zeljko Komsic’s new party will be called the Democratic Front.

Canada: Liberal Party of Canada will elect their new leader this week.

France: PSA has played against F.C. Barcelona.

France: prohibits anti-gay marriage demonstrations.

France: SciencesPo Paris, Campus du Menton, hosted MEDMUN, and held the first-ever MUN council in Arabic.

Germany: Germany might join the UK and France on supplying to Syria rebels. Foreign minister Guido Westerwelle signaled openness towards negotiations about the BSUEN. However, there is still a lot of skepticism, especially from Angela Merkel.

Iran: Celebrated the Persian New Year, Newroz, last week.

Iraq: Al-Qaeda has begun retaliating against the government through bombings and kidnappings throughout Shia communities. This is just a few weeks after the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War.

Lebanon: Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati resigned last week. The reason is rumored to be due to the crisis in Syria.

Italy: Last week, President Napolitano asked the leader of the Democratic Party in Italy to form a government.

Malaysia: Formula 1 hosted the Malaysia Grand Prix last week; Sebastian Vette, of Germany, took home gold.

Morocco: Frustration is growing as plans to close the “abbattoir a Casablanca” this week. After being a center for cultural events for many years, the owners are thinking of closing due to high property taxes.

Norway: Norwegian soccer team lost to Albania last week.

Pakistan: Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan will return to the country after four years in exile.

Texas: Last week, scientists at a meeting in Texas said it was likely that a speeding comet, and not a meteor, hit Earth 65 million years ago and causing the end of the dinosaur era.

Saudi Arabia: 3 major cities of Saudi Arabia went dark for Earth Day this year.

Sweden: Skiing championships are going to be held in Falun.

Turkey: The government is reaching out to PKK leaders in prison Abdullah Öcalan

 with the mediation of BDP (Kurdish Political Party) to end the 30 year war and bring peace to Turks and Kurds so they can live together.

USA: Boston Celtics perform surprisingly well after losing two starters to season-ending injuries.

USA: American Idol’s final 8 contestants will compete on Wednesday.

USA: Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of gay marriage this week.

USA: March Madness, the university basketball tournament has begun.

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