Our Vision

Based in Menton, we are Le Zadig, the independent student journal of the Sciences Po Paris regional campus for the Middle East and Mediterranean. We are dedicated to bring both this diverse part of the world, as well as our immediate region, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, closer to you. With writers and contacts throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, we provide insights into a radically changing world from a personal and young perspective.
Although subject to constant developments, with writers and editors changing every two years, Le Zadig is guided by a few main ideas…

What we do, how we see ourselves and our role:
Our journalism first and foremost addresses the current student population of the Sciences Po Menton Campus. We consider ourselves as the medium of inter-campus communication, enabling popular discussions and sometimes controversial opinions among the student body. We act as the ‘speakerphone’ of students’ concerns and interests.
For the larger and more general Sciences Po community we provide a unique insight into the current campus culture – be it for other Sciences Po students, alumni or prospective students.

Our readers are also offered original insights and informed opinions on the Middle East and the Mediterranean – all of them grounded in young, fresh and academic perspectives, and nurtured by many personal ties to the region.
We try to make sense of this complex world and aim to break the stale black & white dichotomies apart. This sometimes requires us to be provocative and to take a less popular stance.

In what formats do we publish?
You can find that our articles range from anywhere between 400 – 1,000 words. We also have a keen sense of appreciation for opinion pieces, infographic reports, crowdsourced journalism, and debate videos that represent student opinions. We try to keep a balance between interactive and engaging formats, that require a shorter attention span, and classic long formats.
How often do we publish? We publish a fresh on-campus print edition once every month and feauture weekly articles on our website.

Online vs. Print
Print is written for and directed at our current on-campus audience. It covers issues more relevant to this target group. Our website offers a variety of formats and has a wider reach.

As an “Initiative Reconnue” we are eligible to receive financing for our projects by Sciences Po. The Menton campus lets us print our on-campus edition.

Stay connected?
Facebook: Le Zadig
Email: lezadigjournal@gmail.com