Week Twelve: Playlist Essay


Chers étudiants, chères étudiantes – welcome to week twelve. It is with this week that we take the final classes of our year (or our degree), and we collectively lose our minds.

Things are starting to make a lot less sense, and we’re not questioning it. It doesn’t make sense that the year is already over, or that we’re all soon to part ways. It doesn’t make sense that there’s two Dolce Vita parties within seven days of each other. Our Arabic classes seem to especially make no sense. These anomalies surround us, but we’re too stressed, too exhausted, and often too amused to ask why.

So, I present to you a playlist. These songs are for the days spent feeling psycho, and the nights spent going psycho. These songs are for revising and for dancing – both done frantically. These songs are the salt of sweaty palms and the sea, and the sweet of long afternoons and doing everything for the last time. These songs are the things I urgently need to tell you, but don’t have the words to, or even really a place to begin.

Take a listen as you bask in the sun, cram for your exams, kick back with some beers. It might not make much sense – but if that’s the case, maybe I’ve done okay.



Authors note: I would like to thank my roommate Hannah Downing (and for that matter, probably Augustin Gagny aussi) for allowing me to play 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago far too many times this year, and for never complaining about my loud music or guitar playing.

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