You’re such an Orientalist!

By Christoph Trost

A new batch of students is coming soon. Do you remember your confusion when someone called you an orientalist for the first time? Or your essay had some Khaldounian tone to it?

To avoid confusion and give some good ideas on what phrases, books, ideas are often heard and said on our campus, LeZadig needs your input!

Of course there is no such Menton Vocab, no uniform canon of intellectual bullshit. But there is a lot we’ve learned from the Middle East and around. This is the place for all the namesdropping you always wanted to do.
So let’s give a little best-of to the incoming students!

Christoph Trost

Christoph Trost, is a socially unrested German, who also happens to be a social media ‘Infographic Guru.’ Just like the famous Sherlock Holmes, he stumbles upon random pieces of evidence that lead to the intricately colorful and organized graphs and charts that his stories accompany. Looking for a new plot twist?, Christoph is the journalist to go to.
Christoph Trost

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